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Top Trends in Tiny Tattoos

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Tiny tattoo design trends are on the rise, many of which share common characteristics that permanent makeup artists should take note of. Some of the top design styles we’ve seen include:

Behind the Ear Tattoos

Tattoos behind the ears are subtle and easy to hide, even if you don’t have long hair. Because this is such a bony area, getting a tattoo here can be painful.

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line tattoo is a single line that’s drawn to create an image, such as a flower. The minimalistic design looks like an artist drew an entire picture with just one brushstroke. The beauty is that you can turn just about anything into a line drawing.

Hand and Wrist Tattoos

A sensitive area to tattoo, the hand area (including the wrist) tend to be prime real estate for tiny tattoos. One of the earliest examples of the growing tiny tattoo movement is the semicolon , meant as a symbol of empowerment for those who use to self-harm. It became a widespread movement to show their strength. Since then, the wrists and hands have become favorite places to add a bit of dainty body art, from stars and symbols to letters and faux rings.

Elbow Tattoos

Tattoos just above the elbow are gaining ground with the tiny tattoo movement. These areas are usually reserved for names or tributes, but can be fair game for just about anything.

Ankle Tattoos

One of the more painful areas to tattoo, ankle tattoos are among the most common for dainty body art. That’s partly because it’s a small area to begin with, and small tattoos make the pain more tolerable. Hearts, stars, flowers, and small objects are common choices here, which ironically are both easy to hide and show off.

Back of the Neck Tattoos

Minimalistic tattoos on the back of the neck are growing in popularity. For girls, this area is easy to conceal with long hair. Common tattoos on the back of the neck are roman numerals, dates, and simple inspirational art like an arrow or dandelion.

Word Tattoos

Single words tend to be the most common for dainty body art. This is usually a verb, a word of strength (e.g., power, focus, etc.), a name, or something self-empowering. Some clients may opt for multiple words, but given the emphasis on “tiny” tattoos, most tend to stick to simple lettering.

Knowing what’s trending can help you make suggestions to clients and practice this type of art so you can deliver the best final product.

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