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The Tiny Tattoos Takeover

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Tattoos have been a cultural practice for millennia (yes, millennia!), starting with tribes dating all the way back to 3100 BC. But the methods of adding ink to skin aren’t the only things that have changed over the centuries. The size and style of tattoos continue to evolve, and we’re seeing the latest trend in the form of tiny tattoos.

For the most part, Tattoos have been gaining much more acceptance and visibility in today’s society. They’re no longer the taboo body features they used to be, nor are they reserved just for bikers, prisoners, gang members, and the generally unruly class. In fact, one in three Americans age 18 to 29 has at least one tattoo. Many choose to get a tattoo as a form of self-expression or as a tribute to something or someone special in their lives.

Still, there’s some lingering gray area about the professionalism of tattoos, their acceptance in the workplace or in high-profile positions, and among some social circles. That’s what makes the idea of dainty body art so powerful.

Tiny tattoos live up to their name by providing discreet permanent tattoos in various places on the body. These tattoos can be easily hidden by clothing or makeup without much effort at all. Or, they can be proudly displayed to others with subtlety since they’re so small. Even in plain sight, you might not realize they’re there!

A tiny tattoo is more like an accessory, one that’s permanent and works with any outfit or occasion. Some people find them easier to commit to, especially if they’re not in love with the idea of sitting in an artist’s chair for hours getting a full sleeve of ink. They’re small, cute, and lovable. Plus, because they’re applied much faster than a “normal” tattoo, clients have more flexibility over when they want to get their body art.

Learn the exact steps beginners are using to become professional tiny tattoo artists from the comfort of your home.

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