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This training will be for July 29th, 2022.

To reserve your seat, there is a $1000 non-refundable deposit that goes directly towards the total amount. The remainder of the payment ($1499 in cash) will be due on the second day of training at 11:30 AM. 

DAY 1 ONLINE TRAINING: Each student will be given access to the  Online Training course. Students will view it from home to become familiar with the technique, tools, and supplies before coming into the in-person training the following day. 

DAY 2 HANDS-ON & LIVE MODEL DEMO TRAINING: This training will be a total of 7 hours. Victoria Love will go over the theoretical part of the tattooing process and students will get a hands-on experience by practicing on synthetic skin. Victoria Love will be guiding each student as they work on synthetic skin to perfect the signature tiny tattoo technique.

Also, a Live Video of Victoria Love working on 2 models will be projected during the training, demonstrating the entire procedure from start to finish. 

Tiny Tattoos group training is a course that’s suitable for all beginners and advanced pmu artists. Victoria Love will reveal secrets to fineline tattoos as well 2 most popular shading techniques. 

- We will begin with the introduction of tattooing and different tattoo styles that are popular at this moment in this lucrative industry. 

- This group training will cover all significant aspects of sanitation that way students will have a full understanding on how to properly use equipment and necessary tools that will be safe for them and their clients.

- In addition to sanitation, Victoria Love will be covering Marketing 101 for tiny tattoo artists, will reveal proper ink, and everything you need to know on how to become successful from day one

- Students will study how to successfully create and then transfer designs and how to prepare clients before the tiny tattoo sessions.

- Victoria Love will go over all the sources/supplies she use and where it can be purchased.

- She will also go over photo editing and social media and how to make it in the tiny tattoo industry.

- For the student’s experience, they will practice this technique on synthetic skin as Victoria Love will help each student until they understand how to use the machine before they move on to the next steps. Students will be able to work on practice skin for the remainder of the class under the close supervision of Victoria Love and her assistant.

- A certificate of completion will be presented to every student once the class is done. Victoria Love will make sure that all students leave confident, comfortable, and ready to begin their careers before class completion!

Students will receive a full Tiny Tattoo Kit which includes:
- MMM machine (Perfect for lining and shading)

- Ink cup holder

- Ink cups
- 2 packs of needles
- Victoria Love favorite Ink
- Box of Healing Film
- Transfer solution
- Transfer paper
- Latex for practice
- Self-adhesive wrap grip
- FREE paper copy of Tiny Tattoo Bible (book with 1000+ Tiny Tattoo Designs)

There is also a contest at the end of the training where the winner with the best tiny tattoo will win a gift.

Victoria Love will have each student added to her VIP 1:1 Support chat where the students will be able to ask all questions directly.

(3 months access)

Victoria wants every student to succeed in this industry from day one and share all of her secrets because it is just as important to her as it is for her students to be successful in the beauty industry.

Please email if you have any questions at all
For booking, please book directly on this website.

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